London 2012 projects

Big Dance 2012 by Ben Pruchnie

Legacy Trust UK was set up in 2007 to support communities and organisations across the UK to create projects that celebrated London 2012 in a way that was relevant to them and which would leave a lasting legacy.

We have since funded over 100 arts, sports and education projects across 12 regional and four national programmes. For four years these programmes worked with their local communities to create unique inspiring projects and events, culminating in a packed summer of activity and celebration to coincide with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Legacy Trust UK allocated approximately half of its endowment to 12 programmes across the nations and regions of the UK. These funds were distributed by regional bodies, who understood what would work best in their region and where investment was needed. This approach has resulted in an exciting and unique legacy for each region – use the links in the left hand navigation bar to find out full details.

Our four national programmes included the UK School Games, somewhereto_, Tate Movie Project and four Community Celebrations. Through our national funding we were able to engage people from across the UK in a huge variety of creative activities. Use the left hand navigation bar for more information about our national programmes. 

Our funding was designed to ensure that the benefits of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games were felt by diverse communities across the entire UK. All of our programmes and projects were developed with the aim of creating a lasting legacy for these communities beyond 2012. 

You can find out more about our Olympic legacy by visiting the Legacy section of our site. Here you can find information, resources and articles on the cultural legacy of London 2012 and the impact our funded projects are having across the UK.

As part of our dedication to supporting the legacy of London 2012 we are currently funding six key projects across the UK as they undergo a transition towards a sustainable post-Olympic future. Visit Current Projects to find out more.