National programmes

Legacy Trust UK is supporting four major national programmes to engage young people and communities to leave a lasting legacy from the 2012 Games.

UK School Games 2008-11: the Trust granted £6 million to these annual multi-sport events for the UK's elite young athletes of school age, run by the Youth Sport Trust. The Trust’s support of this project ended in 2011 but has already left a lasting legacy as the event has attracted further funding and has now become the School Games.

somewhereto_ helps young people find ways to access the spaces they need – whether it's to do sport, dance or music, making art or showing their films. somewhereto_ is project managed by youth communications agency Livity with support from media partner Channel 4 Education and is part of the Cultural Olympiad. The Trust has committed £5 million in funding to the programme which has regional coordinators in each nation and region of the UK.

The Tate Movie project took place from 2010-11 and engaged primary school aged children in the first animation film of its kind, creating a film made by and for children across the UK. The Trust committed £3 million to this exciting project, which was led by Tate, in collaboration with award-winning animation company Aardman, creative agency Fallon and CBBC. The final film, Itch of the Golden Nit, was screened in cinemas across the UK and on the BBC in 2011 and will be seen on big screens across the country during Games Time.

Community Celebrations is made up of four projects based in Scotland, Northern Ireland, East Midlands and South East England which will create high profile outdoor events and celebrations for local people this summer. Legacy Trust UK has committed £3 million to the project.